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Our daughter-in-law Sarah made us the cutest wine charms. Over the years I have bought tons of them for our own personal use and as gifts and they aren’t cheap. Now that I know how to make them, I will never buy them again! These are super easy to make and you can personalize them to fit any occasion or personality. The charms can be as simple or as ornate as you want to make them…hopefully this will spark some ideas for you.

The purpose of wine charms are so that you can “recognize” which glass of wine is yours. Unless everyone is wearing a different color of lipstick, once you put your glass of wine down, it can be difficult to tell which glass is yours…so you want each charm to be different.

To make this type of wine charm you’ll need charm settings or pendant holders. The Epiphany Crafts charm settings were $5.99 for 5 (at Michaels) and the Jewelry Shoppe square pendants were $2.99 for 2 pieces from Hobby Lobby. The Epiphany Crafts bubble caps (which you put on top of the charm holder) was $4.99 for 24 at Michaels.

The ring you’ll use as your charm is an earring ring. To add charms, you can put them on jump rings. You can use any brand of glue but you want to make sure it says “permanent, crystal clear and waterproof.”

To assemble…

Choose the pictures you want to use. These can be pics you print or even magazine pictures. Or you can even write someones name on a piece of paper and put it in the pendant or charm holder. For a bridal shower you could print out pictures of different wedding gowns; baby showers could have pictures of bottles, diapers, etc., …you can choose flowers, football teams, animals, super heroes or whatever fits the mood of your party.

Put a drop of glue on the charm/pendant holder. Place the picture on. Add a drop of glue on top of the picture. Then top it off with your bubble cap.

With a pair of pliers, you want to slightly add a “tip” to the end of your earring ring.

You can literally take any type of beads or charms and slide them on to the earring ring or add a jump ring to hang your charms off…

Whether you add just one charm or bead or add an assortment, these literally take minutes!

Beads and charms can vary in price dramatically, depending on the types of material used and how intricate they might be. You can make them as expensive or as inexpensive as you choose.

I know a lot of people who don’t drink wine but still use wine glasses (because they look nice) so you can still dress up your glasses…no wine required. These charms would work great on champagne flutes, margarita glasses or even stemmed tea goblets...any glass with a stem would work.

I am going to make some really fun ones for our summer barbecues, which I’ll put on plastic wine glasses. For a girl’s birthday party, you could let them make their own and place them on fun “wine/champagne” glasses made of plastic (or glass-depending on the age) and let them take it home…fill it up with punch during the party for them to drink out of or you could even fill the glass up with candy or treats and personalize them with their name (as a take home “goody”).

You can seriously make thousands of different types of wine charms. You don’t need a lot of materials or tools and these are so easy to make! We found all these materials in the jewelry making section of Michaels and Hobby Lobby. These are so much fun and a great way to get conversations started when your guests first arrive. And they make fun presents and hostess gifts. And you can custom design them to fit any occasion, holiday or event.

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