Cloud Dough, A Great Alternative to Sand!

The sandbox has already proven to be a thorn in my side this spring. I feel like I am living at the beach minus the sparkly ocean, sun, and fresh sea food (road trip…anyone??)!!! I walk across my kitchen floor and it is nothing but grit! I am constantly sweeping or brushing sand out the door. While I don’t mind that Bug (my daughter) plays in the sand; I just want it left outside!

So a few days ago, I went searching for a sand alternative. I wanted to find something that was similar to sand, but could be played with in the house. I wanted something that could help pass the time on rainy days and substitute for the days Bug can’t get really dirty in the sandbox. Bug loves the sandbox and would play in it everyday, but sometimes that is just too much cleanup for one day.

After searching several websites, I stumbled across something called Cloud Dough. I was intrigued and skeptical to say the least. People described it as having an almost wet sand consistency. Yucky and messy is all I could think. However, with only 2 inexpensive ingredients in the mixture, I really didn’t have anything to lose. I will say this; my skepticism was put to rest really fast. Cloud Dough was not that messy and it was a huge hit with Bug and one of her friends! Plus, I loved that Bug could help me make it!

So here is the How To on Cloud Dough!

Supplies to make Cloud Dough
- Flour
- Baby oil (some people use vegetable oil, but I think Baby Oil is recommended)
- Plastic tub
- Baggies
- Cookie cutters, rollers, or other small toys to play in the dough

The first thing you will need is a large tub. I used an under the bed tub. It worked great because it was big, but the sides weren’t too high for the kids.

You pour 8 cups of Flour into your tub and then add in 1 cup of Baby Oil (or other oil).

You then have to get your hands dirty and mix the 2 ingredients together. You will need to mix until the oil is completely absorbed into the flour. It will take between 3-5 minutes. Once it is mixed you will have a soft, fluffy, dry, yet moldable mixture. It really feels like a cloud or what you would think a cloud feels like. Give your kiddos some toys and you are good to go!

Bug loved the mixture! She spent so much time making shapes, cutting out shapes, and building castles. I loved the mixture because it used up my old flour and it was cleaner than sand. We just brushed Bug off and she was allowed to go into the house (no grit on the floor)!!!!

Cloud Dough can be stored in a baggie or airtight container and reused. Our Cloud Dough is just as soft today as it was when we made it.

Some other recommendations for your Cloud Dough are: separating it into smaller containers and mixing spices with it or mixing different color glitter in it. These two things will add another sensory element to your Cloud Dough. I think I am going to add some glitter to ours. What little girl doesn’t like a little sparkle?!?!

I hope your family has as much fun with Cloud Dough as we did! Let me know how your kiddos liked it?

I am always looking for new activities to try (indoor and outdoor). Please send any suggestions my way. You just might see your activity featured in my blog! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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