Finally, An Advantage To Being Colorblind

John Knicely

It started in my junior high science class. The text book included a simple test for colorblindness. Those with normal vision would see a specific number embedded in a circle of colored dots. When I looked at the circle it was just a bunch of dots.

I mentioned that in the classroom and nobody believed me. Fast forward to high school when one of my classmates made this comment: "Knicely, that shirt doesn't go with that sweatshirt." I had no clue it clashed.

Finally the college physical confirmed the fact I am red-green colorblind. I failed to correctly match the colored strands of yarn.

The Doctor asked me "did you know you're colorblind?" Consequently most of the clothes I wore during my single years were blue. Marriage helped me expand the wardrobe because I knew I could trust my wife to match the ties and socks with my suits.

Which brings me to a recent date night with Sue. We went to a 3-D movie and halfway through the showing, she nudged me and asked if there was a line down the middle of the screen. I said "no, everything looks fine."

Later as we were leaving the theater, the manager was handing out free passes to come back and watch another 3-D movie. Turns out one of the projectors that supplies the green hue went out during the movie.

Only those who were red-green colorblind were not affected. My movie experience was great. Now I have a free ticket for use on a rainy day.

Being colorblind isn't so bad after all. If you want to take the test yourself, just search Ishihara Test on the web.

Knicely Done!

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