Fish for the Family

It's the Lenten season and at our home, that means fish Fridays! We'll probably take-in one fish fry. Just for fun and tradition. Not necessarily for tasty fish!

If you have very young kids, you're probably still in the fish stick, mac-and-cheese and cheese pizza stage of your Lenten meal selections. I remember those days well!

These days our Friday Lent menus are a bit more advanced - thankfully! Selections like salmon en croute (puff pastry); coconut shrimp; black pepper halibut; fish tacos and even California rolls are on the menu!

So how did we get here from fish sticks? In part, I tried some tricks most moms resort to: using things like cocktail sauces or teriyaki sauce to camouflage the fish!

My husband also tired to make fish dinners fun. Especially with crab legs. My son loved cracking the legs and making a mess with his own site of melted butter or dunk sauce! Butter makes everything better, doesn't it?

As the kids got older, crunchy fish worked well. Fish such as talapia or halibut breaded was a hit. As they got older, they were game for things like smoked salmon, baked walleye and other fish they've seen adults around them eat. I think exposing them to different seafood as they grew really helped expand their palates!

Would they choose to eat fish every day? Probably not. But for the next six weeks, a variety of seafood will be on the menu and no one will complain!

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Pat Persaud
Pat Persaud received her Bachelor of Arts degree at Morningside College, in Sioux City, Iowa, and majored in English, with an emphasis on British Literature.
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