Girl Trapped

Brian Mastre

In first grade the desks are in groups where the students face each other. They aren't individual desks in rows as I had as a kid.

A few weeks ago when I asked about the arrangement, he told me he was 'girl trapped.' I didn't know what that meant.

He said it again, 'girl trapped.'

"Oh," I mumbled, "girl trapped."

Clearly he saw through my ignorance and told me that he had girls sitting on each side of him. It amazes me the things they come up with.


From the not cool department -- the other day I was rushing to work and didn't have time for lunch so I grabbed a yogurt and a soda from the garage refrigerator.

Mind you -- this is a GoGurt. It's a long tube full of yogurt aimed at children. In this case, SpongeBob and his cast of friends are plastered all over the label.

As I continued to work and came to a stop at a light, I grabbed the yogurt and started to eat it. Of course the best way to get it out is to push the tube up from the bottom.

As I did this, I noticed a woman in the car next to me look over at this strange image.

She had the look of 'How old are you?' Now that was embarrassing.

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