How to Get a Great Family Picture

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Family photos are treasured keepsakes for generations – but can sometimes be more work than they should be! To get a great family picture doesn’t have to be taxing or difficult. You can actually make it fun and a memory that will last a lifetime.

First and foremost, remember that attempting to snap a family photo should be fun. If you keep that in mind in the chaos and frustration, you’ll be well on your way in creating a fabulous image.

A few other tips to keep in mind …

Pick a spot that is special to you and your family. Do you like to fly kites at the park? How about have picnics at the beach? Or maybe it’s winter fun, like sledding or ice skating? Whatever you and your family like to do together, start there. You can get them in their element, enjoying the time together – and then snap some photos!

Go into it knowing, you’re most likely NOT going to get that ‘posed’ photo you’ve been seeing on Pinterest and Parenting magazines. I know, I know. I sound like a pessimist. But I think the idea behind capturing a family picture – is capturing your family. Unrehearsed. Un-posed. Just YOUR FAMILY. Be goofy. Stick your tongues out. LAUGH. Do those things that are candidly and whole-heartedly who YOU all are as a family. Be yourselves. And have fun doing it!

Oh! And moms. Be sure to have someone snap a picture of you too, interacting with your family! Whether it’s the woman on the bench sitting close by, a passerby just passing through, or a self-timer, be sure to get IN the picture! So many times we as moms are BEHIND the camera – we forget that in creating the moment – and only realize AFTER the fact. Then looking back 5, 10 years later, we’re nowhere to be seen in the plethora of photographs. So moms. Be certain to GET IN the picture too. I assure you – your children will thank you in future years.

Enjoy the moments together and please, LAUGH out loud! You can even dance if you want to! Just remember, you’re making memories – not only in the photographs you’ll be taking – but also in the moments you’ll be making.

Emily Allison is a portrait/wedding photographer in South Bend, Indiana. To view more of her work, visit

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