If you say “I'm bored” ONE MORE TIME!!…

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This article, entitled "If you say “I'm bored” ONE MORE TIME!!…," comes from SavingsAngel.com.

Keeping kids busy enough during the summer can be tough. Activity costs add up. Here’s an arsenal of free and inexpensive ideas for you to print out and hang on the fridge for the next time you hear, “I’m bored”!


- Learn sign language
- Visit Lowe’s or Home Depot on their free kid’s “build” day
- Write letters to people from another culture/language
- Make a quilt
- Pin a bug collection
- Visit local farms and stables to learn about animals
- Join a library summer reading program
- Try new recipes
- Make homemade bubbles, dog biscuits, playdough
- Create a lemonade stand and sell lemonade


- Make piñatas for all the birthdays in your family
- Have a “frontier” weekend (no electronics)
- Discover a new park and have a picnic
- Camp in your backyard
- Make ice cream
- Pick berries
- Fly a kite – even try making your own!
- Make up silly names for each other that you can only use at family meals
- Visit a splash pad
- Shop a farmers market
- Have a rainy day indoor picnic
- Make s’mores and catch fireflies
- Visit a restaurant on a special family/kid’s day


- Have a work-out challenge on the Wii or X-Box
- Enjoy family game night with outdoor games
- Make a goal to walk/run/bike 30 miles total
- Set up inexpensive lessons, such as swimming, tennis, or other summer sports
- Attend a day camp
- Go biking or hiking on nature trails


- Take a walk around your neighborhood and meet neighbors you don’t know
- Make bake goods to bring to church and give to two random Sunday school classes each week
- Organize a walk-a-thon for charity
- Pick out toys to give away (mom and dad too!)
- Send letters and/or care packages to the troops (including prepaid phone cards, old cell phones)
- Volunteer to walk animals at your local shelter
- Attend a vacation Bible school

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