Kids Activity Ideas

Outdoor Activities

• Ride bicycle or tricycle. Have a parade with decorated vehicles, including wagons for stuffed animals or dolls.
• Draw with sidewalk chalk--pictures, words, etc. or games like hopscotch and tic tac toe.
• Have hula hoop contests.
• Jump rope.
• Make giant bubbles (with bubble wand) while running.
• Use water balloons for batting practice, volleyball or basketball.
• Use squirt guns to hit a “bulls-eye” target or each other (with care!).
• Play beach bowling—Use plastic cup to mold “pins” of wet sand and arrange in triangle. Roll ball to knock them down.

Indoor Activities

• Read books.
• Work on activity books, word finds, learn-to-draw guides, etc.
• Use learning game cards (as flash cards) to learn or reinforce math skills, alphabet/word knowledge, etc.
• Complete puzzles.
• Model play dough into people or animals; create scenes.
• Keep a journal with words and possibly pictures.
• Cook or bake.

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