Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

Here are some quick and easy ideas for kids to make gifts on Valentine’s Day:

Candy Jars

What You’ll Need:

  • A couple bags of candies to make a fun assortment of treats

  • A jar for every person they want to give a gift to

  • Valentine’s Day printed fabric with heart patterns or colors that match (red, purple, pink)

  • A handful of rubber bands

  • Some colorful ribbons, long enough to tie a bow around the mouth of a jar

  • Paper tags to write a Valentine’s Day love note


Load an assortment of candies into the jar until it’s full. Cover the jar’s opening with a piece of fabric, trimmed to fall over the lip of the jar. Keep the fabric in place by pulling a rubber band around the rim of the jar. Now you can tie your ribbon around the rim without the fabric moving out of place. Write a love note onto the tag with the person’s name. Slide this onto the ribbon and complete tying the bow. Make as many jars of delicious candies as you’d like. They can even make enough for their whole class!

Bottle Cap Locket

What You’ll Need:

  • 2 bottle caps for each locket

  • Small pictures of your kids

  • Colorful yarn or ribbon

  • Beads (glass, plastic, or whatever is prettiest)

  • Glue and tape

  • Heart or stars stickers


Have them start by gluing a picture inside one of the bottle caps. Put a pretty sticker or very small love note inside the other bottle cap. Stack them on top of each other so the inside of the caps are facing. Now take a piece of tape and loop this over the top of the caps to join them together. The bottoms should still be able to swing open and make a “locket”. Set this piece aside.

Now have them make the “chain” that the locket will go on. They can use colorful ribbon or yarn; just make sure it’s long enough to easily slip over their head. They can decorate the chain with beads if they’d like. Once this is done, tie the end off. Now you can hang the “locket” from the middle of this chain. Use another piece of tape on the inside to make sure the charm doesn’t fall off.

These make fun homemade gifts for your child’s best friends, mom, grandparents, or a teacher.

Friendship Bracelet

Another fun piece of inexpensive jewelry they can make is a friendship bracelet. You’ll only need yarns and beads this time. Craft cord or stretchy elastic cords are also good for making bracelets. You can good colorful beads or some with letters on them to spell out a name or “I Love You”. Measure a the bracelet cord so it’s long enough to fit over the hand and hang comfortably at the wrist. Tie one end into a knot. String your beads onto the cord in the pattern you want them. Then tie the two ends together and you have a pretty bracelet.

I Love You Coupon Books

What You’ll Need:

  • Sheets of colorful construction paper

  • Decorative stickers

  • Safety scissors

  • A stapler

  • Crayons, pencils, and markers


Have the kids cut colorful sheets of paper into long rectangles, resembling the shape of a coupon. Then have them write thoughtful things they could do around the house to help Mom and Dad out.

Some good examples would be: Clean my room, Take out the trash, Walk the dog, Do the dishes, Give Mom and Dad a big hug, etc. They can think of their own too.

Then have them stack these rectangles together and staple the edge to make a coupon book. They can decorate the cover with stickers and drawings. These make excellent and thoughtful gifts from kids to their parents. The fun part is tearing them out and redeeming the coupons over the next few days.

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