Farewell to the Baby Swing

Michael Bonfanti

This article, entitled Farewell to Miss Julia’s Baby Swing comes from Michael Bonfanti's blog at Black Coffee & Bourbon.

We put Julia’s baby swing up in the shed today. I came outside and Becky was pushing her in the swing normally occupied by Mason. She had a look of complete joy on her face. “Look at me daddy! Look at me!” she exclaimed as I walked towards her.

We decided it was time to take down her baby swing and put the monkey bars that came with the swing set. Miss Jules had ridden many miles in her little green and yellow swing since we put it up three years ago. She watched as I moved the yellowed plastic guards over the metal clips. It was hard to push them down. The little swing would not go without a fight.

I told Julia to say goodbye to her swing, and she leaned over and gave it a kiss. She then started to drag it towards the shed. I took it the rest of the way and put it up. I have no idea what we will do with it. Maybe it will end up at a yard sale, or dropped off at Good Will, but I cannot just throw it out.

Mike lives in North Florida with his wife, two children, two dogs and a cat missing a piece of her ear named Sadie Mae.   He is a 30-something guy trying to balance family, work, gardening, travel and his love of food.  When the kids are asleep and the house is quiet he writes two blogs,  Black Coffee & Bourbon chronicles the daily circus that is his life, and Sweet Tea & Bourbon which documents his foodie adventures.

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