Our Simple Valentine's Day Photos

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Saturday marked the 29th week milestone of this pregnancy. I celebrated it in style; in the hospital with influenza and by sending a flustered Tom to the doctor with Teebs to have a tractor antenna extracted from his nose. But that's another post entirely.

This pregnancy moves more quickly each day. Each day we are one shade closer to raising three boys. Three boys. It seems overwhelming, but if I tilt my head to the side, do a little eye squint and really think about it, it actually seems really simple.

That's the key, I think. Simple. The key to enjoying these feisty little men and not falling into a trap of always running and never enjoying is keeping life as simple as possible. Less stuff, less clutter, less juggling, just doing a few simple things each day together that we enjoy and really, really soaking it all in.

That's mostly what I've been thinking about lately. Keeping calm and keeping life simple. Before I got sick I was spending a lot of time purging, weaning out closets and cupboards and tossing every piece of "stuff" that clutters our lives. And it feels good, looking around and seeing simplicity. It makes me feel like there's more air in our lives and more room to breath it.

Today I ventured out of bed to interact with the boys for the first time in days. I wanted to do a quick Valentine's Day photo shoot. A simple Valentine's Day photo shoot. It took less than 20 minutes before we called it a wrap.

And then I easily convinced the boys to crawl back under the covers with me and watch Scooby Doo. But I was still pretty proud of what we accomplished. Simple, pure, adorable, photos. Oh, and a little humor doesn't hurt either.

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