Teeber Turns Two

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For Teebs' birthday, I made him an Oreo pie and after dinner we lit two flickering candles and taught him how to wish. I asked him what makes him happy and he said "cake." I asked him what makes mommy happy and he said "I happy," which translates to "mommy is happy when I am happy." Two years old and wise beyond his years.

On my babies' birthdays I think most about what each baby has taught me. Teebs is a special baby because he has taught me patience. He has taught me how to forget everything I think I know and wait for new lessons to appear on a blank canvas. To not force it. To wait. To wait and listen and learn. And be patient. That is what Teebs has taught me.

Bub is not perfect, he is an ornery little squirt bear. But he is reasonable. Teebs, he is unreasonable. He is filled with a hot passion that froths over his reason and often turns him into a maniac. A flailing, screaming, passionate maniac. But he is my maniac, and his passion brings positive traits too. He loves fiercely, he cares powerfully, and he feels fervently. He is a wildfire. A beautiful, beautiful wildfire.

What I've learned from Teebs is that the more patient I am, the more good his passion is. Each day is a test, some easier than others, and when his orneriness couples with Bub's orneriness and my pregnancy hormones are boiling I can sometimes feel like a failure. But always, there is good, and where there is good there is patience and where there is patience there is more and more good. Always there is good.

I love my Teebs, and I love his passion. And I love his lessons. I love the patience I've learned and the tests that keep my patience growing and that sly little smirk that slinks across Teebs' face after his passion has cooled back down to a manageable simmer and his eyes gleam with a playful "wasn't that fun?"

From Teeber I've learned to stop believing in perfection, from myself and others and life. After I learned to do that, all of the passion seemed good. Even the hot, boiling passion. There is still good in that, and there is always good in Teebs.

Happy birthday, baby bear. We love you and appreciate you and your passion. It has taught us beautiful, irreplaceable lessons, and it is going to take you so, so, so far.

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