Caving into the Christmas Spirit

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Like everyone else who was in an outrage over the Christmas items being in stores for weeks before Thanksgiving, I fervently believe in celebrating one holiday at a time. And I believe in the importance of Thanksgiving just as fervently. But I'm also fueled by powerful, sappy hormones and the excitement of our very first holiday season in our new house. So little by little, my save-Christmas-for-after-Thanksgiving-dam trickled over and I started decorating before turkey day. Ok, so I caved, but I swear that it did start out slowly.

The weekend before Thanksgiving, I made an urgent demand to Tom that he must find me sand. He was a good sport, like usual, and even helped me pour the sand into mason jars and did his best to keep his eyebrows unraised as I lit a candle in each one, laced a ribbon around them, stood back and beamed with pride. He hates them. But he played along, and that was the beginning of my Christmas decorating.

A couple of days later, we were lounging around the living room about to eat dinner when I suddenly spouted "should we decorate the Christmas tree?" Tom tried to remind that I had demanded no one touch the tree or the decorations until after Thanksgiving, but I was already in the garage dragging in the tree.

So while dinner turned from gooey and steamy to lackluster and cool on the table, we unboxed the Christmas decorations and had ourselves some holiday cheer. Tom and I had to laugh at how modest and small our tree stood this year, when just last year it was crammed in between our kitchen and dining room and looked so tall and robust in our old house. It's a nice reminder of being grateful, which makes it the perfect tree. Another nice reminder of being grateful? My little righty, and little lefty meticulously placing Christmas decorations on our tree, (the lefty takes after his mama.)

What really got me giddy was remembering how last year Teebs was strapped in his high chair distracted by snacks while Bub was maticulous on his own. Not this year.

This year the boys were together. Everything, everything, everything is better when the boys are together. We didn't have a star for the top, until Bub suggested today that we make one. So we are going to. He wants a red one, a "dark red one because it's almost Christmas," with sparkles. Those plans are in the works. But until then we have this gentle reminder that just happens to be hovering right above our twinkling tree.

As soon as the boys were tucked in bed I had a twinge of guilt when I saw our tree with three wrapped presents underneath, boldly lighting up the picture window in our living room. Maybe I was too eager, maybe I had tarnished the holiday season by rushing the joy, maybe I had ruined just a little bit of the thankfulness of Thanksgiving. But life really is simple, and you can't rush joy. We won't run out of it, it will just keep compounding. So there it stands, our incredibly guiltless Christmas tree.

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