A Clean Slate

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For his birthday in December Teebs got a pair of firefighter rain boots. At the time, they were too big and he slipped and stumbled around the house but insisted on wearing them anyway. A few times he won the battle of wearing them to the grocery store and I had to pick them up off of the floor countless times when they slipped off of his feet dangling in the cart. But now, only a few months later. they fit in that perfect way that favorite shoes fit, and he wears them eeeeeverywhere.

Teebs is in the "I do it" phase, he must do everything by himself. When he goes potty he puts on his best big boy voice and says "I do it, you wait outside door." So I do and try to brace myself for the mess waiting inside the door. The boots are no different, when it's time to put on shoes "I do it! I do it!" and 100% of the time Teebs puts them on the wrong feet. He hobbles around like a little goof with the toes of his shoes pointed out. I'm not into math, but I thought there'd be a chance he'd get them on the correct feet maybe half of the time? But he doesn't. I'm not sure what this says about his personality, but I like it.

Last week the boys and I went to the nature walk at our favorite park.

As soon as we got there and I had a small seizure when the bee I was photographing started buzzing and flying, I remembered that nature is scary. We've found a few ticks on the boys just from our backyard, so when I looked around at the trails covered by a canopy of leafy trees and blanketed with a thick layer of tall grasses I started panicking a little bit. Maybe a lot. But we forged ahead.

Before we got to the nature walk, the day had been a little lackluster. There was a lot of "I'm bored" and wherever there is boredom there is always bickering and wherever there is bickering my patience disappears like a vapor. We barely made it out of the door. As soon as I thought we were finally ready to go Bub complained about the smell coming from Scooter's diaper. Then the gas tank was empty. Then I realized that while we were about to embark on a nature walk, it was lunch time and I had to actually feed my children. We almost just called the whole thing off. But eventually we made it. And after I got over the whole "nature is terrifying me" thing, it was really, really relaxing.

No bumble bees actually attacked us. And no one came home with any stowaway ticks. And Teebs had an endless trail of mud puddles for his firefighter boots.

It didn't take long until we had forgotten about every frustration that had happened that morning.

By the end of the trail, it was like we had cleaned our slate. Everyone was happy again, there was (almost) no bickering, Scooter was hungry but drowsy enough to sleep on the way home...we were refreshed. A clean slate.

This week we've been trying to keep the house clean because Bub...my baby faced, loving, little Bub...is turning five. My Bub is going to be a FIVE year old. But that is another post entirely. We've been getting ready for his party and counting down the days to the big day. Today the countdown is at an enthusiastic two, and his excitement is absolutely contagious.

Today we've got a slow day planned, lots of lounging, lots of playing, lots of gearing up for a big, fun weekend discovering what being five feels like.

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