Bowties and Cowboy Boots

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Bub was overflowing with philosophical questions this evening. It was just him and I in the living room and he wanted to know everything about how I love him. Would I love him if he was naughty, when would I ever stop loving him, if he was a robber would I still love him? He playfully rolled around on the floor with another question already streaming out while I was still answering. He wanted to know if God loved robbers and if God loved all naughty people. And while I assured him that both God and I never stop loving, he wasn't shocked by my answers, just casually comforted. Then a brief pause and in his biggest boy voice one last question: "mommy, do I have big delicious feet?"

Followed by rounds, and round of giggles. It is almost shocking how big he is getting. The bigger he gets, the bigger his questions are, and they always end with the absolute biggest giggles.

For Easter I dressed the boys in matching white button downs with adorable boy ties, and for a second I did have to wonder how long I can get away with matching outfits before they start groaning and complaining. But for now not even Bub is quite that big.

It was the perfect day. I bribed the boys out into some chilly windy weather for photos, and with the promise of ring pops hanging over their heads they were very patient little men.

Later we had plenty of food, candy, and searching for Easter eggs, and by bedtime there were two exhausted, elated, boys snuggled warmly in bed.

On the pregnancy front, this baby seems just as happy as Bub and Teebs. Happily growing, stretching, rolling, and waiting. While catching a few bedtime snuggles with Teebs tonight he poked a chubby finger into my belly and said "this your belly, I like it." And I do too, I love it, but I have a feeling we will all love this baby even more.

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