A Successful Week of Doing Nothing

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This weekend I've been a lazy resting mama. Tom has done an amazing job of cooking and cleaning and the boys have been wonderful cuddle bugs with me. Today after we got home from trekking through the grocery store I let out a sleepy sigh loud enough for Tom to ask what was wrong. "I'm pregnant." I said. And I am, this week I have been really, really pregnant.

But that doesn't mean we didn't muster up the time and energy for some fun.

Teebs had a wildly successful first trip to the dentist, and afterward he celebrated his little victory with a big pile of leaves.

And Bub wasn't about to be left out of the happiness. By now Bub has grown familiar with my camera and the moment I flick off the lens cap he slaps on his worst "say cheese" smile. It takes a string of distractions and commands like "don't smile" or "tell me a story" or "pretend to be a dump truck" before he forgets about the camera and gives me this beauty:

The best part about doing nothing conserving my energy this weekend is that Tom became that much more ambitious. This evening he fried pork chops for dinner and served homemade donuts for dessert. And later we cleaned up the kitchen together, you can't really beat that. Now it's 7:30, we just had a beautiful light Fall rain, the boys are in bed and I have hot tea and a warm blanket beckoning me. I'd call this week a success.

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