A Full Weekend

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Even though we've been at our new house a couple of months, there are still times when I forget that this is home. And then the boys will create some memory here and it hits me, this is home. This is the place that a few years from now we will stand in a spot on the driveway and say "remember the time the boys carved their first pumpkin right there, and how messy it was and silly it looked and how much fun they had?" These are the memories that are our home. The weekend before Halloween, the boys and I carved a pumpkin.

Bub drew a makeshift face on the pumpkin and I tried to do his art justice with a dull kitchen knife. And Teebs waddled around the pumpkin poking and reaching for pumpkin guts and pumpkin seeds. When it was all done Teebs leaned forward to give it a kiss, which he has also been doing to my belly lately while pointing and firmly repeating "baby! baby! baby!"

It was a beautiful day to be outside.

And after a speedy week we were ready again to greet this weekend, which may have been the most perfect weekend we've ever had. The weather wasn't too cold, it was Tom's birthday, and we had just enough plans and just enough lazy free time to make each moment matter. Tom and I even had a birthday date night. It was perfect.

Saturday night Tom was at a friend's house watching football and the boys and I unanimously decided on a popcorn movie night.

For a second when I was feeling exhausted I contemplated putting the boys to bed early and crawling under the covers with a cup of hot tea and falling asleep. But this, this was much better.

The best memories are so easy. A crudely carved pumpkin or a bowl of microwave popcorn on a Saturday night past bedtime, these are the moments I love.

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