Wasn't Today a Great Day?

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Sunday night just before bedtime Bub bobbed into my bedroom, all smiles and said "wasn't today a great day, mommy?" I thought about it, it hadn't been a remarkable day, but it hadn't been unremarkable either. And he was so sure of it that it only took me a split second to agree. Yes Bub, it had been a great day. Then he hoisted himself up onto my bed, curled around me real close and we watched a little t.v. before story time. It had been a great day.

That moment stuck with me. I want so many great days for the boys. I would make every day a great day if I could. But I can't. I'm especially hard on myself now that I'm 20 weeks pregnant and often too tired and too crabby to even begin thinking about great days, when instead I'm thinking about just getting by. So today I made it a point to put the pregnancy aches and my throbbing fatigue out of my mind and make a great day with Bub and Teebs.

And actually, it was easy.

We've had a streak of unseasonable and unNebraskan weather, so with a couple of light jackets tucked under my arm and some knit hats just in case I shoved my errand list to the bottom of my purse and drove straight to the park.

It was cold enough that the boys' noses created puddles hovering over their upper lip, but not cold enough to keep us from staying for 2 hours. We wandered around the lake, picking up pine cones and halfheartedly posing for pictures whenever I begged for a smile.

We climbed over logs.

We got thick mud caked on the bottom of our shoes while we tossed rocks into the water and giggled at the ripples.

And then we found our way to the playground. Bub was elusive to my camera today. It seems like every time we're out in public lately he immediately latches on to a friend, and today he instantly buddied up with another little boy and scampered away. But Teebs is still at least a little infatuated with his mama, and we half scampered together, and half pined for Bub to take notice of us...together. In two days my Teeber will be two years old. Two. Years. Old. That wonderful age where bulging baby cheeks still exist...

...but the ornery look of a boy plotting boyness is visible too:

After our stomachs beckoned us home for lunch we went outside just a little bit longer before nap time. I tried my hardest, and I think it was a great day. I was still a little bit pregnant, a little bit crabby, a little bit ruled by the edginess of back pains and hormones, but all in all I believe the boys had a great day.

And you know what else made today great? Little victories. Today I have empty laundry baskets in every room and two days worth of dinner stored in the fridge. I have a clean house, plans planning, and dreams brewing. I wax and wane with feeling accomplished, especially during pregnancy, but today I pushed myself, and these little victories are more than a little powerful. It's been a long time since I've been this on track, and with Teebs' birthday party this weekend the timing was perfect for a great day.

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