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I have three babies.

Already it feels like he's always been here, always been a part of us. Already it feels like we've always been this blessed.

I've thought a lot about what it will be like to manage three ornery boys. More specifically how to sanely manage three ornery boys. So far I've had four days to figure it out...and I haven't. I don't know how I'm going to manage the schedules of three little boys, juggle the needs, control the laundry, plan the meals. I'm not sure how anyone does it really. But in four sleep deprived, exhausting days I've decided I'm not going to worry about it. But what I am going to do instead is something I do very, very well--- love them.

I do know how to love a baby. I know how to snuggle in all of their newborn goodness, inhaling it at 3am when I could lay them down and sleep but the top of their head is so tantalizingly begging to be smelled. I know how to smooth out their face with my fingers and memorize the soft way their cheeks plump and settle into their newborn pudge. I know how to nibble their teeny baby toes and tickle the tiniest of tummies before these first few weeks are over and they aren't newborns anymore.

And the big babies, I know how to love them too. Their questions and curiosity, their big boy hearts. Bub and Teebs have taken to their baby brother so well it makes my heart ache. Every day at least once they came to the hospital to love on him and poke his cheeks and watch him eat. I'm positive there will be plenty of time for jealousy and many years of bickering, but right now there is just a bunch of bumbling boys loving each other.

I'm still on the newborn high, and I'm just goofy enough from all the sleepless nights to really believe that being a mother of three really can't be that hard. Well, it can be that hard, but only if I focus on the wrong things. But for now I'm accepting this challenge of raising three boys and thinking (relatively) calmly "I got this."

Oh, and we named him Scottie, newly dubbed our little "Scooter," and he is very, very loved.

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