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You know what I love about babies? Babies can't fake joy. Joy is joy and when babies are happy the joy cracks out of their face with an explosive burst of sincerity. Babies can't fake joy.

Yesterday we discovered we have the perfect sledding hill in the backyard. The boys were, in a word, joyous.

Tom had the difficult job of pushing Bub and Teebs off of the top of the hill and then trekking down the slope to fetch them.

And I had the important job of catching them at the bottom before they slid into the sticks and brush behind our house. Which I did, almost. flawlessly. But really, they were happy, they didn't mind.

It was one of the warmer days we've seen in a while, but with a viscous breeze that really slapped the sting of winter into your cheeks. But for babies full of joy, it doesn't really matter.

We warmed up with hot chocolate and a bowl full of marshmallows, and later capped off the day with a huge big boy transition. To make room for baby, Teebs packed up and moved into Bub's room, and now sleeps in his very own big boy bed. Which for a moment, sparked joy to spew from his gleaming eyes.

Then the happiness sizzled into uncertain excitement. Then slowly faded into a dull shade of worry.

But the night went about as I expected it to. There were numerous trips back to bed, hand in hand with my cheerful little Teeber who is a content little wanderer at night. There were a few cries but mostly a bubbling guffaw of little boy giggles. And as I expected, by 5am both boys were happily laughing, side by side and limb on top of limb in the same bed. There is a host of future problems awaiting the new sleeping arrangement, starting with my certain sleep deprivation, but after Bub pleaded with Teebs last night "Teeber I will be very sad if you don't sleep in my room because you are my best friend," I'm willing to be a little sleepy for a few days. I believe the giggles will tone down and the brotherly bond will do anything but tone down, and they will enjoy one giant sleepover for the next few years.

There was a lot of joy yesterday, not much from Tom and I at 5 in the morning, but for now that's ok. But what I have proof of in this blog is that there is a lot of joy everyday. I sometimes miss it, gloss over it in the fury of frustration, let it slip by in the heaviness of exhaustion. But it's there.

Everywhere, really. And next year we are bringing another joyous little baby boy into the world, into our family. 2013 is a good year to be happy. Really, I think the best way to sum up 2012 and embrace 2013 with New Year's resolutions is with a photo.

My resolution for 2013 is to be more like this:

And that is a resolution I think I can keep. Happy New Year's Eve, everyone!

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