These Last Few Weeks of Stillness

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Everything is slowing down and it feels amazing. It is, for the record, still very much winter. but after the next couple of days there is hope that it is actually over this time. I'm huge, exhausted, most of the time very winded, but all things considered I can't really complain. And I'm loving the slowness. In a very literal sense, I'm moving slowly, and everything around me seems to follow suit. In a tired and miserable way all I want is for this baby to come out, but then he strokes the underside of my ribcage with his foot and I'm comforted that he's still in there.

I've moved on from the frantic and antsy nesting phase to a more shrug of the shoulders, if it happens it happens, phase. I still have little things I think have to be done before baby's arrival, like re-potting a few plants or organizing my closet, but if it happens. And if I just take long naps and lounge around with the boys instead, that's ok too.

Mostly I'm excited for the chance to start over with another little boy. I get to love all of those teeny tiny little boy things all over again, like babies that sleep in a sweet sweat on your chest and curled fingers that look so breakable but are so strong wrapped around yours.

This is the part of pregnancy that I'll never remember. Or when I do vaguely think about it, it will seem like only a mild inconvenience. This is the part when I complain most of the time and groan just to go from sitting to standing and generally just stop sleeping. But I have these last few weeks of stillness to enjoy with my boys...who are so adorably excited for new baby.

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