Bub is Thankful for Blueberries

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Since July, Teebs has been torturing me in his gymnastics class. And by torturing me and I mean torturing me. He was the worst behaved kid in his class, also the youngest, but also the worst behaved. For weeks I drove off after class with hot and steamy eyes because I had choked back tears for 45 minutes. After 45 minutes of pure humiliation we'd drive home and I'd weep for my ill behaved child and my disgrace at my obviously failing parenting. It was painful, for both of us I'm sure, but we kept going because I believed that underneath those wild tantrums and slapping palms was a really, really sweet boy. I'm not always right, but thank goodness this time I was.

Today my sweet little boy and me trotted into our gymnastics class with confidence and poise. There were no tantrums, no humiliation, and most importantly, no tears. From either of us. Teebs and I entered our first class together as a mischievously naughty little boy and a slightly shell shocked mama and dare I say, conquered it triumphantly. It took a tortuously long time but I see Teebs growing into the behaving toddler he should be, that I always knew he could be, and today as we drove away from gymnastics class I couldn't stop thinking how thankful I am.

On Friday, Bub was thankful.

He had his very first program, a Thanksgiving program at preschool, and he was thankful for blueberries.

He toddled up to the microphone with a shade of confidence and an air of control and gently spoke the words "Thank you God for blueberries," all while Teebs tried his hardest to stay focused and be good.

There was so, so, so much swelling in my mommy heart.

After the program we had a Thanksgiving feast made by the preschoolers and Teebs made himself right at home.

And Bub congratulated himself on his great performance with some candy corn. And just to put a great big red cherry on the top of our day, there was some sunshine waiting at home for us to play in.

Some pouting too. Just a little. But that's ok. Those little imperfections have a little beauty all of their own. And it was nothing a little racing and sidewalk chalk with daddy couldn't fix. It was a good, good day.

Bub is thankful for blueberries and I am thankful for boys that are thankful. And boys that are well behaved, when I swore all along that they could be, hoping I was right. If I was going to be right about something, there's probably nothing better than being right about that. They are ornery, loud, persistent and wild little men, but underneath all of that I am thankful for two really good little boys.

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