Our First Week With Three Babies

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A lot of horrible things have happened in the world lately. I was thankful to be tucked away in our little newborn world, safe and warm and busy. We hugged really tightly this week, and loved really hard. More than once I started emptying a sink full of dishes or picking up a living room littered with toys, but stopped because my children needed to be enjoyed. It was nice to have that sort of comfort. The comfort that anything will wait except for babies.

We've survived our first week with three babies. But really they've made it incredibly easy on us. We've had a lot of help, and Scooter is the calmest baby with the proudest big brothers who are begging to love and help. I can't count how many times Teebs has cooed "I love him, I love him," and Bub wants to hold hands and give soft pats to his smooth newborn head. It's really, really wonderful.

The postpartum hormones have reared their ugly head a few times, with a few emotional moments, a few tears, but truly I can't complain. Even in the worst of moments, I have all of my babies, and this week some people can't say that. This week we are thankful.

Bub and Teebs are struggling with sniffles and coughs, and I am going crazy waiting for them to clear up. My camera is absolutely itching for brother photos. Absolutely itching. But until then, hear are some favorite moments from our first week. I know there are going to be really, really tough moments, but I hope the following weeks continue to be this sweet.

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