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Our empty living room is playing host to a lot of giggles, a lot of screams, and at the end of the day, a lot of mess. But it's perfect. Next week we are finally having furniture delivered for the living room. We picked a trendy burnt orange couch with feisty floral accent pillows, and a comfy leather recliner for rocking the new baby, and we're giddy...but I will miss this free range living room space.

Last week I boasted about my little household victories and how on track I was and how amazing it felt. Soooo amazing. But those days are gone and I'm back to unfolded laundry sitting in the dryer and toys scattered around waiting to stub toes, but it was nice while it lasted.

Right now it's cold outside. Wet and dreary. And inside the boys are sleeping and I am wallowing in my pregnancy thinking about/trying not to think about all that I should be doing. So anything that warms my heart a little, or a whole lot, is nice.

I warmed the living room earlier this week with a beautiful plant that Tom had delivered to me. The card simply said "Merry Christmas, Love Tom" and when I asked him why he chose that one sentence for the card he said "because it's Christmas time, and we need to remember to be happy."

Touché, dude. Touché.

So the plant now warms the living room, next to the Christmas tree and I've added a little extra warmth with a few more Christmas decorations around the house.

So here's to more Christmas cheer, outdoor chills and indoor warmth, and most importantly living room romping and laundry sitting in dryers. In my defense...at least the laundry is clean.

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