Winter's Last Hoorah

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One night we were outside and Bub took a big sniff of outside air. It smells like spring, he declared. I asked him what spring smells like. Like plants, he said.

And it did smell just like spring. Until a few hours later when winter dumped about 7 inches of snow on us. It was one of those solidifying March snowstorms that really felt like the "last" one. Even as we watched out the window all through the next day, each hour passing and more and more snow sticking and piling together, it felt a lot like closure. Like spring is probably just a step or two ahead of us.

We did give winter one last hoorah. I'm really in no position to go shlepping through 7 inches of snow. My coat won't fit around my belly which I think is the best excuse to stay inside. So instead we brought the snow the bathtub.

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