Beach and pool etiquette

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Many of us have gone to the beach or the pool at least once this summer. Wouldn’t it be an ideal world if everyone practiced good manners or “etiquette” while enjoying the nice cool water or the sandy beach?

Below are some good ways to make sure you and everyone else around you has a great time:

  • Space – At the beach - if your towel or blanket is touching your neighbor’s, you might be a little too close. There should be at least three feet between you and the family next to you. Please don’t invade someone else’s personal space.

  • Lifeguards – Don’t make idle chit-chat with them. While it’s nice to be friendly, remember their main focus has to be on watching the pool or beach. If you have an important question, find an off-duty lifeguard or the manager.

  • Diapers – If your child is not 100% potty trained, please have them wear “swim” diapers. If your child has an “accident,” it makes it unpleasant for everyone else and is a sure fire way to make you very unpopular at the beach or pool!

  • Responsibility – If your children are little, they need to be supervised very closely. If your children are older, have them check in with you from time to time. Don’t expect the lifeguard or other parents to keep an eye on your kids.

  • Cleaning Up - When you eat or drink at the beach or pool, make sure you clean up after yourselves and your family. There’s nothing worse than stepping in someone else’s trash!

  • Games – If you want to play beach volleyball or throw the Frisbie around, look for a more sparsely populated part of the beach. The same goes for games in the pool (like Marco Polo).

  • Common Courtesy – Please be respectful of others if you smoke, drink alcohol or play music. Going to the beach or pool should be a good experience for everyone.

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