Tips for Baby’s First Birthday Party

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There is nothing quite like a baby’s first birthday! Is your little one about to turn one? Aren’t sure where or how to start the planning? Below are some tips to make your baby’s first birthday party both memorable (and fun)!

Tips for Baby’s First Birthday Party

Plan to have the party at home – a baby turning one is likely to be the most comfortable at home in their own surroundings.
Keep the invite list small – having a houseful of people is sure to overwhelm the birthday boy/girl. Try and keep the list to ten people (or less) if possible.
Plan the party for AFTER baby’s nap – there’s nothing worse than planning a party for BEFORE the baby’s nap and then having a cranky one on your hands! Aim to have the party shortly after the baby’s nap and don’t let the party last longer than 1 ½ hours.
Select someone to take pictures – pick someone to take pictures throughout the party. Since your focus will be on your baby, you’ll want to have a trusted friend or relative be your “official” photographer to catch the highlights of the party!
Keep the decorations low-key – there’s no need to spend a ton of money on paper products and decorations. Try your local dollar store, many have a small party section (where you can find birthday plates, napkins, decorations, etc.). They usually sell balloons too (aim for mylar – the latex ones are a choking hazard).
Keep the food simple – cut-up fruit, cheese and crackers, graham crackers, animal crackers, or Goldfish are good finger foods. Instead of a fancy and expensive store bought cake, how about some cupcakes? Cupcakes are easy to make (and less expensive). If you do have the party at lunch or dinner time, there is nothing wrong with take-out pizza or pre-made submarine sandwiches! Tip – when sending out the invitations, double check for any food allergies your guests may have.
Activities and games – try games like “Simon Says”, “Hokey Pokey” and “Ring Around the Rosy.” When you’re at the dollar store picking up the paper products and decorations, pick up a bottle of bubbles for each guest. Who doesn’t like bubbles??
Favors – if you decide to have favors, use small brown paper bags and write each guest’s name on the outside. Inside put packs of crayons, pads of paper, and stickers. Tip: look for sales at office supply stores, dollar stores or clearance sections of department stores.
Relax and enjoy the party – don’t stress out about the party having to be perfect. Remember, have fun!

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