A List for My Boys

Kristi Davis

This article, entitled A List for My Boys comes from Kristi Davis at fruitamoms.com

There has been a list floating around Pinterest and Facebook for some time now. It is a list of 20 things a mother should tell her son; it is a really amazing list, but I thought I would make my own more geared to my boys.

So what I would tell my boys:

1. Be brave in all you do; it will show to everyone around you.

2. If you are going to have a pet, let it be a cat or dog. Don’t be the weird snake or ferret guy. It makes it hard to meet chicks.

3. Be nice to all the girls at school even the one who may not be so cute. They are going through an awkward stage. One day, they will be beautiful and have a great personality because of their experiences.

4. Remember you are not your job; your job finances who you want to be.

5. Don’t drive a giant lifted truck, people will just question your manhood.

6. Skinny jeans look good on no-one, especially a man.

7. Pull up your pants. Nobody need to see your underpants.

8. Don’t be afraid to do some upkeep. Teeth cleaned, hair and nails trimmed. A little manscaping goes a long way.

9. Be polite to everyone you come in contact with. You can always complain about them in private later.

10. Humor is very important. It can diffuse a bad situation, dry a tear and make times less awkward.

11. Have a hobby besides video games.

12. Take an interest in the world around you, watch the news and vote. You don’t get to complain unless you are involved.

13. Get a library card… you can never read too many books.

14. There is a time and place for cursing. A public place is neither the time nor place.

15. Respect your elders, they are who made this country great. Shovel the neighbor’s walk and take the shut-ins treats.

16. Don’t be afraid to say you’re sorry. The world would be a better place if we all showed a little consideration.

17. Tell your significant other that you find them beautiful and you are glad that they picked you.

18. Appreciate the people around you. They are there for a reason and never take that for granted.

19. If she asks, “Does this make my butt look big?” lie, lie, lie. She is asking because she is not feeling very confident in herself and needs a little boost. Give her that. She really knows exactly how she looks.

20. Don’t be afraid to show emotion, it doesn’t make you weak. It makes relationships stronger.

I have two more. Twenty was just not enough.

21. Tattoos are OK, I get it, I even have some. Neck and face tattoos are not. They are called “Job Stoppers” for a reason.

22. Tell the people you love that you love them. Verbalize how you feel about them; they need to hear the word come out of your mouth.

Kristi Davis is married with two sons. She blogs regularly for fruitamoms.com.

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