An Early Christmas Gift

Michael Bonfanti

This article, entitled An Early Flu Season comes from Michael Bonfanti's blog at Black Coffee & Bourbon.

An early Christmas present arrived at our house this week, flu season! Mason came down with it first on Thursday and was hit with a 103.5 fever. He slept for most of the day and was babied by Becky. She took him to the doctor’s on Friday and was prescribed Tamiflu. Friday morning he was 100% better, bouncing around the house and wanting to play outside.

We hoped Julia would avoid it, and in an effort to limit her exposure we sent her to Meme’s house last night for a sleepover. The plan failed, and this morning she woke up with a fever. Charlotte brought her home around 7 a.m. and by 9:15 a.m. we were on our way to Urgent Care.

She refused to leave the blanket she brought back from her Meme’s house (a queen size comforter), in the car. I wrapped her up in it while were waited to see the doctor. She sucked on her fingers and snuggled. Amazingly, we were called back on time and a quick swab test confirmed she had Influenza A. The doctor prescribed her Tamiflu too, and I hope she responds to it as well as Mason.

The following morning, Becky woke up with aches in her joints. By the time we made a grocery list, she had a fever. I called the on-call nurse and asked if they would call her in a prescription for Tamiflu. The doctor she consulted with agreed to do so based upon Julia’s confirmed test. He also offered to call me in a prescription, since they both agreed I was doomed.

Becky was feeling really bad by late afternoon. She was not complaining, but I could tell just by looking at her. She took the medicine, and I hope that she is feeling better soon. I cannot imagine having to teach a room full of high school kids feeling like crap.

One positive development today was that Miss Julia is feeling better. She was wide open most of the day, and also got her appetite back. She ate two bananas and three apples on top of a pile of bowtie noodles. I am impressed with Tamiflu based upon how both kids have responded.

Mike lives in North Florida with his wife, two children, two dogs and a cat missing a piece of her ear named Sadie Mae.   He is a 30-something guy trying to balance family, work, gardening, travel and his love of food.  When the kids are asleep and the house is quiet he writes two blogs,  Black Coffee & Bourbon chronicles the daily circus that is his life, and Sweet Tea & Bourbon which documents his foodie adventures.

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