How to Be Comfortable in Your Own Feathers

This article, entitled How to Be Comfortable in Your Own Feathers, comes from children's author Julia Cook.

When a fluttering Hummingbird tells little Bluebird that her body is too frumpy and lumpy, Bluebird decides to go on a diet and start exercising in order to become skinny like the hummingbird.

With help from Mother Bluebird, the Bird Doc, and a counselor, Bluebird learns healthy eating habits and how to be comfortable in her own feathers!

Eating disorders are a serious concern for children and teens. In How to Be Comfortable in Your Own Feathers, little Bluebird learns about eating healthier with a "LIVE IT" instead of a DIET.

Here are some DOs and DON'Ts parents can teach children about a "LIVE IT":

  • DO encourage healthy eating and exercise. Serve nutritious and well-balanced meals.

  • DON'T use food for rewards and punishments.

  • DO talk about different body types and the fact that all body types can be acceptable.

  • DON'T allow teasing or making fun of anyone based on physical characteristics, including size.

  • DO make mealtime a positive experience, not a negative one.

  • DON'T make mealtime about food only; make it about enjoying the whole experience.

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Julia Cook
Julia Cook is an award-winning children’s book author and parenting expert.
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