Sew in Love with Kids!

Kari Burd

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I love to sew for children; fun fuzzy pillowcases, silly soft blankets, outrageous creative costumes. But mostly I like kids to feel happy and loved. That's the best part of being a have a blast!

Everywhere you go there are sayings about motherhood, sayings about childhood, and sayings about parenthood, and how great it is to let children be children. But do we really let them? In this fast pace world of hurrying up and growing up and being the best we can be, do we really let our kids live in a world of imagination? Has anyone really gotten down on their hands and knees and relived the reality of being a child?

I remember once when my children were small saying to my daughter, "Stop acting like a three year old!" And her looking into my eyes and answering, "But Momma, I am three...".

I guess my point is that our children ARE only little for a little while. They see a world full of excitement and adventure. They see gum under tables. They see the stuff crammed under the couch. They see the color of gum on sidewalks. They see the trash can eye to eye. They see a toilet filled with adventurous water. They see a box as a new toy. They see things that you and I just consider ordinary, and take them to their imagination and change the world.

We chase them. We stop them. And sometimes we even chastise them. But the truth is, we need to stop ourselves. What would our children's lives be like, if we just slowed down long enough to wonder...

  • What about eating french fries in the back of the car, they still taste good even if they're a week old!

  • How do we know that the sugar wouldn't be better all over the dining room floor?

  • Ever swung from a clothes rack? (loads of fun)

  • What if we colored our sister's face with permanent black marker?

The possibilities for children are endless, and they should be. Somewhere along the line, their lives will get tainted. Some idiot will destroy their innocence and they'll learn to be afraid to try something new or too embarrassed to voice their opinions. But until then, let's let our children discover this big, beautiful frosting in the rain...protect them and love them...but seriously...let them be children.

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