The Kid Dictionary

Eric Ruhalter

The Kid Dictionary is a book of funny new, made-up words to describe kids and a worthwhile holiday gift idea! The book aims to make parents laugh and understand that we're all in this parenting thing together.

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JINGLEBERRY (JING-uhl-behr-ee) n. : A Christmas Carol or other holiday song whose lyrics have been changed to incorporate potty talk and other themes contrary to the season the songs were intended to celebrate.

SHIRTURBED (shurr-TERBD) adj.: The annoyed state of a child who just received an article of clothing as a present.

KODICK (KOH-dik) n.: The child who refuses to cooperate in the taking of the family Holiday card photo.

A New Trailer for The Kid Dictionary: Hilarious Words to Describe the Indescribable things Kids Do

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