How to prepare for a new pet

Bringing home a new family pet can be an exciting time, but how do you make the adjustment easy for everyone?

As soon as you get it home, return your pet to its daily feeding and exercise schedule. Place their bed and bowls in similar location to their former home, while they acclimate to their new space.

When introducing your pet to new humans, place the animal in a sit/stay position and ask the human allow your dog to sniff them prior to being petted. Ask them to avoid direct eye contact and speak in a positive, pleasant voice when addressing the dog. If possible, have them reward the animal with its favorite treat.

If your pet is having a problem barking/meowing excessively, confine your pet to a crate or room.

Smaller spaces are usually more comforting for animals.

Allow your pet to exercise and eliminate before you leave home. Create a soothing atmosphere. Dim the lights, put on soft music and leave out your pet's favorite toy.

Call an animal behavior specialist if your pet seems to be having a problem adjusting to their new home or engages in destructive behavior.

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