Pocket Dialing

Brian Mastre

Have you ever pocket dialed someone?

I had an embarrassing one the other night. Somehow, I ended up hitting a button on my cellphone and called the last person I had talked to on the phone.

It wouldn't have been so bad except for the timing.

The previous evening I received a call a little after 9pm. It was from former Nebraska Governor and Senator Bob Kerrey. He was on vacation in India with his family and was calling me back because I wanted to know if he was interested in Senator Ben Nelson's seat.

I knew I had somehow pocket dialed him because he called back the next day and wondered if it was me who called.

9pm our time was 9am India time. I checked my log and saw a call went out at 2:30am his time and stayed connected for 50-seconds.

I hope it went to voice mail since it was so early. I can only imagine someone on the other end saying, "Hello?" over and over again and no one saying anything in return.

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