Bust the Wintertime Blues

The holidays are over, but you don't have to give in to the winter blues! Here are a few ways to enjoy Summer in January:

  • Fire up the grill. Whatever the temperature outside, you can still grill burgers and hot dogs and bring them indoors for a picnic.
  • Have a film festival. Rent one or two of those kid-friendly blockbusters you missed last summer, pop some popcorn and mix up some fun, fruity umbrella drinks.
  • Enjoy some ice cream. Never underestimate the mood-lifting effects of ice cream in the winter. Make sundaes at home or venture to your favorite frozen yogurt shop!

Now I know all you moms out there are far more creative than I am, so let’s hear your family’s favorite wintertime blues buster. Here’s to Summer in January!

About the Author...
Jen Lennon
KKTV Moms Everyday Host Jen Lennon spent most of her childhood growing up in Colorado Springs.
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