It Was a Rip-Off!

Brian Mastre

My son has been anxiously waiting for the 3D release of Star Wars: Episode I, so we surprised him one night with a trip to the theatre.

I tried to tell him that the movie wouldn't be different that the one he already saw except for the 3D element. He didn't seem to care since he wanted to see Star Wars on the big screen.

So he saw it.

I'm not sure if he was mimicking his mother (who fell asleep during the late showing) or came up with the conclusion himself but he told me, "Dad, the movie was a rip-off!"

You'd think he used his own money, I thought. And this from a kid who knows the name George Lucas.

I asked him what he meant.

He said the movie didn't look much different when he took his glasses off.

He agreed the pod-race looked cool in 3D but couldn't think of anything else.

I wonder if he'll remember this experience when the next five movies come out in 3D.

"The Web Team" Episode 6: Star Wars in 3D

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