Anyone Know A Locksmith?

Tracy Madden

I should have known something was up. I was making lunch while my daughter played very quietly upstairs. I bellowed upstairs and asked her what she wanted to drink ... nothing. I tried again ... nothing.

Slightly irked, I walked upstairs and found her bedroom door closed. I went to open it and ... nothing. It was locked tight as a drum. I could hear her crying "Mommy" from behind the door. No problem I thought, if she locked the door she can unlock it.

"Turn the lock, sweetie", "Just open the door", nothing seemed to work. She tried but couldn't quite twist the lock back into place.

Enter the little metal thingy you jingle in the door hole. Suffice it to say I would make a very bad thief. I must have tried 100 times. I tried not to panic after every failure as I mentally ran through what was inside my daughter's bedroom and if it could present a danger to her. Then all of a sudden, viola, success!

All the panic and anger I felt while trying to open the door dissolved as I saw my little girl's tear stained face. She threw herself into my arms while apologizing. I didn't even have to say much. After all, she pinky swore it would never happen again!


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