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Have you ever noticed the side effects listed on TV commercials or print ads for prescription drugs that are longer than the benefits of the medicine? Even over the counter medicines carry a list of possible side effects. The side effects can be minor, inconvenient, or serious and range from stomach upset to kidney damage to cancer.

Now I totally believe in medicines and usually the benefits outweigh the risks. I personally have friends with medical conditions who have tried changing their diets, especially my friends with high cholesterol or high blood pressure, to no avail. Sometimes, no matter how healthy of a lifestyle you lead, you are just genetically predisposed to a medical condition. But what if, by making small changes to what you eat, you could ease pain, boost your mood, protect your heart?

I found this article “Foods That Work Like Medicine!” from Woman’s World (March 4, 2013), with a list of foods that work to rev your health and happiness as well as over-the-counter (OTC) meds and Rxs, sometimes even better. With no side effects. I did know that some of these listed were good for you, like chocolate and apples, but was pleasantly surprised by some of the other items listed, with their positive health benefits.

Do not ever stop taking doctor prescribed medicines without checking with your doctor FIRST!

The foods listed in this article are easily found, most are inexpensive, they taste good and are easy to fit in your diet.

This list of food and the sources cited are from the article in Woman’s World I read.


Bothered by arthritis, backaches or other chronic pain? Try drizzling extra-virgin olive oil on your bread and salads and using it in place of other oils when cooking. Research in the journal “Nature” reveals that olive oil contains a compound (oleocanthal) that acts just like ibuprofen to ease discomfort by blocking pain-and inflammation-triggering enzymes!

WHAT ALSO WORKS…Fish Oil! In one study, back-pain patients who took 1,200 mg. of inflammation-taming fish oil daily experienced such profound relief after four weeks, nearly 60% stopped taking all other painkillers.


If your blood pressure numbers have been creeping up, getting them back down is as easy as swapping your usual cooking oil with sesame oil! Patients suffering from high blood pressure despite taking calcium channel blockers (drugs that relax heart and blood vessels) made the swap-and 60 days later, the results were in: The patients’ average blood pressure plummeted more than 30 points, putting them back in the normal range, reports The International Journal of Clinical Chemistry. A unique compound in sesame seeds-sesamin-helps relax blood vessels, which reduces pressure.

WHAT ALSO WORKS…Not only does eating one whole egg per day not affect your cholesterol levels one bit, eggs contain a protein that acts like artery-relaxing ACE-inhibitor Rxs, reducing blood pressure!


Next time menstrual cramps hit, brew a cup of ginger tea or nibble a few pieces of crystallized ginger candy. According to the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, women who take ginger supplements during their periods experience the same pain relief as women who take ibuprofen! Like the over-the-counter remedy, ginger blocks your body from forming pain-triggering compounds called prostaglandins and reduces inflammation, key causes of period discomfort.

WHAT ALSO WORKS…Sunflower seeds! Snacking on sunflower seeds, almonds or pine nuts a few days prior to menstruation, then throughout your period, reduces the severity of cramps. All are rich in vitamin E, which lowers the body’s output of prostaglandins, experts explain.

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As I read this article and the claims made, I looked for other sources to research, which I included. Of course you can find sources and studies that don’t always mesh. But if by simply adding these food items to your diet, you could reduce symptoms without side effects or damage to your organs (which a lot of medicines can cause), why not try them? And again, always check with your doctor first if you have medical problems.

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