Health Benefits of Saffron

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Saffron is a plant. The dried stigmas (thread-like parts of the flower) are used to make saffron spice. It can take 75,000 saffron blossoms to produce a single pound of saffron spice, which helps make this one of the most expensive spices in the world. So how can I even write a post on saffron tea when we focus on being on a budget? Because when I did a cost-analysis on the recipe I tried, it actually only cost about 50 cents a cup. Not bad for a cup of tea that can not only produce a better mood, but has lots of other health properties.

Saffron tea is also referred to as “liquid sunshine” because it can have an uplifting mood effect. I made saffron tea and served it to two friends and after about 30 minutes, one of my friends (and me too) noticed feeling a bit “euphoric”. Now I don’t know for sure if this was from the tea or if it was more a placebo effect we were feeling. Both enjoyed the taste, saying it had a nice, delicate flavor. I didn’t think it was delicious but I didn’t think it was awful. And I’d have no problem drinking this every day. My husband also tried this tea and liked the flavor but didn’t notice any “instant” effect, but he did try it right before bed and we drank ours in the morning.

According to, saffron can also help with asthma, cough, whooping-cough, cancer, intestinal gas, depression, pain, heartburn and PMS symptoms.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, (cardiothoracic surgeon, author, TV personality) has deemed saffron extract a “miracle” appetite suppressant. One reason: In a study in the journal Nutrition Research, women experienced marked reductions in cravings for sweets and cut their snacking by 55% after taking the spice extract. Plus, as Dr. Oz pointed out, “[The subjects] lost body weight even though they were allowed to eat WHATEVER they want. When I hear that, that’s a wake-up call for me.”

While that evidence is strong, Dr. Oz wanted more proof so he had two fans test saffron. The result: Both reported reductions in the frequency and intensity of hunger and cravings, and one lost 5 pounds in 3 days.

Studies indicate that saffron works by inhibiting a mechanism (called serotonin reuptake) that renders serotonin stores unavailable to brain cells. As James Smoliga, Ph.D., an associate professor of physiology at High Point University in North Carolina, explains, “When this action is inhibited, serotonin remains in the brain longer, enhancing its positive effects.”

Those effects extend beyond slimming. In a (human) trial, saffron helped 75% of women reduce monthly cramps, bloat, fatigue and irritability by 50% or more within 8 weeks.

DR. Oz’s Slimming RX:

Take 88 mg of Satiereal saffron extract two times a day.

My thoughts…First of all, if you are on medicine or seeing a doctor for a medical condition, ALWAYS check with your doctor first and never stop taking prescribed medications without your doctors consent! Second, I’m not a doctor so this is information from experts. I haven’t tried saffron in a pill form so I can honestly say I don’t know how well it works. I have been drinking the tea and can definitely feel the effects…I’m a pretty happy person but the tea lifts my spirits even more.


  1. Put 3 or 4 saffron stands in a cup.

  2. Add a splash of warm water and let sit for 10 minutes…VERY IMPORTANT it sits for 10 minutes.

  3. After 10 minutes, pour boiling water over it and add a drop of honey.

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