What You Need To Know About Warts: 5 Truths & 5 Myths

Candace Reid

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Warts are unattractive skin growths that can cause a person to feel insecure about their appearance. In most cases, warts are not dangerous to the sufferer, but they are highly embarrassing. There are several myths and realities associated with wart removal. Here are a few examples:

Myth #1:
Toads are responsible for giving people warts, so stay away from them in order to rid yourself from your warts.

This is a highly common misconception that people have especially younger kids and teens. This myth was probably started by popular fairytales, but, in reality, warts and toads have nothing to do with each other. The true cause of warts is the HPV virus, which is not acquired from toads.

Myth #2:
Warts aren’t contagious at all.

There are a lot of people who believe that warts aren’t contagious, but the truth is that someone can become infected simply by having physical contact with an infected person. Like it was mentioned before, warts are caused by the HPV virus, which enters the body through the bloodstream. Even a small opening in the skin is enough to let the virus in. If you suffer from warts, it’s important to dispose of any tissue or cotton swabs that come in contact with the wart immediately to avoid re-infecting yourself later on.

Myth #3:
Warts don’t grow back once they leave.

Once a wart goes away, most people are under the general assumption that the wart will be gone for good. Alas, that isn’t always the case. There are several types of warts; some types reemerge later on while others go away for good. In fact, did you know that a wart can come back months or even years later? If you’re worried about having a wart reappear, it’s important to talk to your doctor about treatment options.

Myth #4:
Warts are impossible to treat.

It may seem that treating a wart is futile, but there are actually several effective treatment options for the condition; one of the most reliable treatments, in fact, is called Amoils Wart Remover Formula. This medicine for warts is highly reviewed and contains ingredients that help rid the skin of the wart without side effects, pain or scarring. In addition, since this product is made with essential oils, it’s fast acting, smells great and doesn’t sting.

Myth #5:
Preventing warts is futile.

Although preventing warts isn’t an easy challenge, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. There are several things you can do to prevent being infected. The most important thing to remember when it comes to warts is to avoid coming in contact with someone else’s wart especially if you have cuts on your hands. Another thing you can do to prevent warts is to strengthen your immune system. People with strong immune systems are less likely to suffer from a wart because their immune system would fight the virus off. In order to strengthen your immune system, you must increase your vitamin C levels, eat healthy food, avoid smoking and exercise regularly.

People have a lot of false information about warts. If you have warts and don’t know what to do, it’s best to consult a medical professional for accurate information.

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