Keep Your Kids Healthy & Active through PLAY!

Heather Hall

A few decades ago, childhood obesity wasn’t a concern. Now childhood obesity is sadly at an all-time high of about 30%. In this day and age kids are doing way too much sitting instead of moving. It doesn’t come as a shock since we live in a world of technology – TV, video games, Facebook. Heck kids don’t even TALK to each other anymore, thanks to texting!

So what do we do to solve this epidemic of childhood obesity? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that we need to get kids to move more than just their thumbs. Obviously kids need to move more and get more exercise, but the problem is getting them to do it. HOW do you do it? Make it fun – get them to PLAY!

Playing is exercise. Take good ole’ fashioned tag for example. You sprint to try to catch your friends, stop, change direction, sprint, change direction, stop, etc. Remember how winded you get doing it, but also how fun it is? Or how about playing on a playground? You climb the ladder to the slide, jump rope, pull yourself up on the monkey bars, push your friends in the swing, and even just run around and play silly games. See, exercise can actually be fun, and you don’t even realize you’re exercising!

With kids the most important thing is making sure that they are having fun while they’re moving, otherwise they just won’t do it. Heck, most adults don’t like to exercise. Why would you expect a kid to?

Another thing to keep in mind is that kids, especially babies and toddlers, often like to imitate their parents. If they see you exercising, often times they’ll want to join in too! And as a bonus it will probably make the workout more fun for you as well. This helps to set a good example for your kids, helping them to realize that exercising and just plain moving are positive things, not punishment.

Instead of sitting in front of the tube for family time, why not play a game of tag or go for a walk to the park. Play WITH your kids instead of watching them. By doing simple yet fun things like this we can all help to reverse the epidemic of childhood obesity.

Be Well,

Heather Hall
Body OverHALL, LLC
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