You Are More Than A Number!

Terri DeVore

So you wake up in a great mood knowing that you ate perfect the day before, drank all your water, and worked out like a cardio fiend. You are proudly walking up to that scale just sure that you are going to dominate! You step on, look down, and “WHAAAA??”

You think, “This can’t be right. How could my weight go up a pound? I did everything I was supposed to do”. Then you mope around the whole day in a discouraged and defeated mood. Does this sound familiar?

Well I am here to tell you to stop letting the number on the scale define you! When you step on a scale there are a myriad of reasons the number may go up, stay the same, or not go as far down as you would like.

Your weight fluctuates constantly. Some of the reasons may be water retention, the food you ate, a little too much sodium in your diet, or maybe you are gaining muscle. Although the scale can be a good indictor over the long run of your progress, there are many other ways to gauge your progress.

First, make sure you take your measurements. You may often find the scale doesn’t budge but your losing inches in different areas of your body. Also, go by how your clothes fit. Are they looser? Do you have to go down a size? This is because you are loosing inches and toning up!

Another way to get the focus off the scale is to set “performance goals”. Instead of setting a goal of loosing ten pounds, set a goal of running a mile without stopping, walking around the block two times without getting winded, etc.

When you stop focusing on that number, and start focusing on being healthy and strong, the changes will happen. Focus on being healthy and not just ‘skinny” and everything else will fall into place!

My name is Terri DeVore and I own V-Fitness and Fit Chick Boot camp. I specialize in training women and getting them strong and fit. I have also just recently launched an online fitness magazine for the Waco area called Focus On Fitness. And....I am also a mom!

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