Baby Your Baby: Tips To Soothe A Crying Newborn

Every parent knows how frustrating it can be to try and soothe a fussy baby. Sometimes even after feeding and changing a little one, they continue to cry, and experts say that's normal.

Kim Komp is a daycare provider with more than 20 years of experience. She says babies cry as a way of communicating, but often parents become frustrated when their baby won't stop crying.

The first step to a calm infant is a calm parent.

"Be calm yourself," Komp said. "The more relaxed you are, the more calm they are going to be."

Between the second and eighth week of life, babies' nervous systems mature and they get over stimulated easily, causing them to cry.

Dale Shubert teaches a baby calming class at Wesley Medical Center in Wichita, Kansas. If you know your child isn't running a fever and isn't hurt, then follow these steps to sooth the infant.

Change, feed and burp the baby. If the baby continues to fuss, swaddle the baby, put her on her side and "shhh" in her ear as loud as she is crying to create white noise. Swing and rock the baby a little, and lastly, let her suck on a pacifier or a clean finger.

Komp says every baby is different.

"She has a spot on my neck where she likes to lay and it calms her right down," Komp said.

Experts say it's okay to put the baby in a safe crib and walk away to calm down if you find yourself very frustrated.

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