Ask The Pediatrician: Dry Winter Skin

When the weather is this cold, there are a few things we can count on.

Dr. Clancy McNally says, "Things get drier. We've got our heaters running, so that makes the houses drier as well. It gets windier and you get your wind-chapped skin."

And for little ones like Lawrence Kelley IV, who already battle dry skin, it only gets worse.

Donna Kelley says it results in, "a lot of scratching, and a lot of itching and just irritates his skin."

Dr. McNally says little cheeks and lips are affected the most. So keeping those areas moisturized with creams and ointments like Vaseline or Aquaphor before they get dry is key. You should also lube them up before they go out to play and when they come back inside.

Dr. McNally says, "If you're not on top of it, especially those areas around the mouth, it can get so dry that it can crack and bleed and if the kids are scratching or itching at those dry areas, they can get secondary infections."

And while some of those lotions out there smell really good, remember they also have alcohol in them so they'll only make your child's dry skin worse. Dr. McNally suggests fragrance-free lotions and soaps.

Donna says, "He has a certain soap that he uses when he takes a bath and we keep a humidifier in his room and we have a combination of creams that we put on his skin."

Because mom knows when his skin is healthy, he's happy and so is she.

Dr. McNally says if your kids aren't getting dirty, you may want to limit their baths to every other day to avoid dry skin.

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