Baby Your Baby - Flu Vaccination

The American Pediatrics Association recommends you and your little ones get the flu vaccine.

I took my crew to our pediatrician’s office to get our annual flu vaccine. We skipped the shot and went right for the mist.

If your little ones hate shots, like mine do, the flu mist is a great alternative.

“The mist will protect you a little better and longer,” says Wichita pediatrician Dr. Patsy Barker. “But it is a real virus, so you can feel like your getting real symptoms, like you're coming down with cold symptoms, but with the shot you can't."

Most people can get the mist, but not everyone. If you are too young, allergic or pregnant, then you will need a shot.

“Pregnant mom can't get the live mist, but they can get the injectable,” Dr. Barker says.

The young and old are most susceptible to becoming seriously ill with the flu, and the peak months for the flu season are January and February. It’s a virus that can turn deadly.

“Get your flu shot,” Dr. Barker says. “I don't care where you get it; just get protected."

There are many places you can get the flu most or shot: local pharmacies, your grocery store. And the cost is around $25.

Babies must be six months before they can get vaccinated.

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