Alternatives to Candy for Halloween

A Fun Halloween Without Candy? of Course!

Trick or treating can be one of a child's favorite times of year, but often times they return with a goodie bag filled with loads of sugar and "junk food" that some parents end up throwing out portions of to avoid their child eating so much.

Here are some great alternatives to those little bags of goodies manufactured on equipment that processes peanuts and are loaded with sugar!

~ Halloween themed tattoos are a great alternative to candy and other treats. These can be found in many grocery stores during the fall season as well as on line and some craft catalogs.

~ Small bottles of bubbles are a great gift for children. For those too old for bubbles, they probably are too old for trick or treating as well so do not worry about your teenage visitors. You will be able to find bubbles in Halloween character themes such as witches, pumpkins, ghosts and goblins on line or in party stores.

~ Glow in the dark rubber balls are great fun for children of all ages, especially as dusk sets in! You can find these in toy stores, on line catalogs and party stores.

~ Glow sticks are fun for children from infant to teens. Not only are they fun for children but they will help keep them safe as they run through the streets at night.

~ Party Favors. Look in the party section of the local discount store or dollar store. Those plastic jewlery items, chalks, little hand-held games, crayon sets, bubble blower things and so much more! Buy a few of those, and you have a lot!

~ Grain style snack bars or Fruit snacks! No chocolate, no candy and less sugar! These are healthy and low sugar and most kids love them as much as candy anyway!

~ School and craft supplies: So many stores now have a $1 Isle - pick up a package of pencil erasers, pens/pencils, tablets, stickers, magnets and other school or craft supplies. Every kid can use a pencil and a Halloween print pencil is so much fun! And stickers...what kid doesn't love stickers!

~ Accessories - these are more for the little girls, but hair accessories - barrettes, pony tail bands, head bands and such are a great treat!

~ Hot cereals - Oatmeal, Cream of Wheat - each box holds 8-10 individual packets of this healthy cereal - and they are sealed closed. These days, they come in fun packages with characters on the front, little games on the back and perfect for breakfast the next morning!

~ Packets of hot chocolate: Again, one box hold 8-10 packets. Some even come with mini marshmallows in them! Perfect for a bed time snack as they sort their Halloween treasures!

~ Juice box/bag drinks. Buy a large, economy size case of box/bag juice drinks- the kind with the attached straw. A great treat and will be loved by all that gets them.

~ Mini bottle of water! You can buy little 6-8oz size of bottled water in a case - something like $4.00 for 24 bottles. The perfect treat for the "melt-down" after that long walk!

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