What is CrossFit and Should You Try it?

You’ve likely heard the term CrossFit as a new way to exercise, although the fitness regime has been around for decades. CrossFit is, however, gaining momentum as one of the best ways to achieve exceptional physical fitness with courses and trainings offered across the country.

On his website, CrossFit founder Greg Glassman explains CrossFit as the sport of fitness, with a prescription that is constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement. So what does this mean exactly?

CrossFit is a combination of strength training, power style weight lifting, speed training, plyometrics, body weight exercises, kettle bells, gymnastics and endurance exercises. Hundreds of exercises are used in CrossFit workouts, including power cleans, burpees, weighted squats, kettle bell swings and push-ups. The options are endless.

The strength and conditioning program is used by professional athletes, Olympians and regular guys and gals looking to up their fitness ante. It’s constantly varied movements performed at relatively high intensity.

CrossFit also posts daily exercises on its website that are very intense. An example is The Murph, which is a timed 1-mile run, followed by 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 bodyweight-only squats and then another timed 1-mile run.

Sounds intense, right? These workouts are intense, and are certainly not for beginners. It’s vitally important that exercisers use proper form to prevent injury, which can certainly be a challenge when you’re using a lot of weight or a lot of repetition. In fact, injuries are more likely with this type of workout, because fatigue sets in quickly making exercisers more prone to losing form and getting hurt.

But if you’re the type who’s always looking for a new fitness routine and is already in great shape, CrossFit may be right for you. Just be ready for an intense, diverse workout every time.

Because some workouts require no equipment, you can try them at home or go to a CrossFit certified facility.

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