Pregnancy 101: Acne

Most women expect food cravings and possibly morning sickness when they get pregnant. But there's something else many new moms will also have to contend with: acne. Find out more in this Pregnancy 101 Report.

It's 26-year-old Alexis Beranek's second pregnancy. But this time around - she didn't get that pregnancy glow.

"Breakouts, noticeable breakouts," said Beranek.

"It really lets down your self-esteem a bit you know just knowing that something you don't really have control over - especially being pregnant there's not much you can do," Beranek added.

She did see her doctor.

Dr. Nancy Matthews says hormone changes are usually the cause.

She says one out of every two women get acne during pregnancy. And if you had it as a teenager, you're more than likely to get it early-on in pregnancy.

Dr. Matthews said, "If you don't get acne in the first 12 weeks, you're less likely to get acne later on in pregnancy."

Treating acne is a little tricky during pregnancy. That's because many of the products that are normally prescribed , can be absorbed through your skin and into your baby's' bloodstream. So products that contain Accutane and Retin-A are off limits to prevent birth defects.

Other common skin products can pose a risk. So you have to talk it over with your doctor.

"Getting on a good facial cleanser and moisturizer morning and night and just doing little things like using with a clean washcloth every time, changing my pillow cases, " said Beranek.

Now Alexis' breakouts are over - just in time for baby's arrival .

To treat acne during pregnancy clean your face with a mild cleanser twice a day. Dr. Matthews suggests using your fingertips instead of a washcloth and also watch your diet. Foods women tend to crave during pregnancy - like chocolate, soda or fried foods tend to make acne worse.

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