Sleepover Tips For Parents of Children With Diabetes

Scott Benner and Amy Hess-Fischl

This article, entitled "Sleepover Tips For Parents of Children With Diabetes," is presented by Lilly Diabetes and Disney.

Kids want to be just one of the gang, and going to a sleepover is one of those quintessential childhood events. While all parents may approach this milestone with some trepidation, for moms and dads raising children with type 1 diabetes, it can be especially worrisome.

With the right resources and preparation though, sleepovers can be opportunities for children to assert their independence, deepen friendships, and for kids with a chronic health condition, learn to manage their health away from home.

In the video below, stay-at-home dad, award-winning author, blogger and father of a daughter with type 1 diabetes, Scott Benner, shares his tips for approaching sleep-away experiences. He and Amy Hess-Fischl, a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator, will provide guidance for parents when preparing a child with type 1 diabetes for sleepovers.

Scott and Amy will cover a range of topics from what to pack in your child’s overnight bag to foods that your child will encounter at a sleepover, from easy ways to stay in touch with your child to ways to educate, but not overwhelm, the host family.

Scott and Amy will also discuss a unique collaboration that brings together Lilly Diabetes' longstanding expertise in diabetes care with Disney’s storytelling magic. The companies have developed educational resources that inspire and empower families and children with type 1 diabetes to live full and active lives – complete with guidance on what to expect and how to prepare for a variety of activities, including sleepovers.

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