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Summertime Safety Tips

June marks National Safety Month, a great time to remind families of proper safety when participating in several summer activities. Here are some pool, travel and grilling safety tips from Protection 1, the largest full service provider of business and home security in the U.S.:

Pool Tips

  1. Install a four-foot or taller fence around your pool with self-closing and self-latching gates.

  2. Do not leave chairs, ladders or tables around the outside of the fence that encloses your pool. Kids can use these items to climb over the fence and into the pool at night or when homeowners are gone.

  3. Install and use a lockable safety cover on your spa or pool.

  4. Monitor the pool area when you’re away from home to make sure children are not swimming unsupervised. Consider installing a Web-based home security system such as eSecure from Protection 1, which allows you to receive text and email notifications and videos in the event the patio door is opened or kids access the pool area.

  5. Most importantly, never leave a child unattended when they are near any type of water (pool, lake, ocean, hot tub, river, stream, etc).

Travel Tips

  1. Secure all windows, including those upstairs and reduce the chance of easy entry by cutting tree limbs away from second-story windows;

  2. Remove objects that might allow access to your home. Summer is a peak time for construction and home improvements so make sure equipment like ladders, that can be used to enter a window or scale a fence, are put away;

  3. Do not leave Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus posts letting people know that you will be out of town;

  4. Never leave a key hidden outside. Burglars know all the best hiding places.

  5. Consider having a professionally monitored security system installed that will dispatch the authorities in the event of a break-in or fire. Web-based security systems can even send vacationers email and text-message alerts of security events on their smart phones or laptops, and allow you to check in through video cameras.

Grilling/Fire Safety Tips

  1. Limit or eliminate altogether the use of lighter fluid if using a charcoal grill. Instead, use charcoal that’s already been treated with starter fluid or devices such as a charcoal chimney.

  2. Always handle propane tanks with care. That means ensuring there are no leaks as the high-pressure liquid can quickly ignite devastating fires. A warning sign of leakage is the scent of rotten eggs in the air.

    Make sure your smoke alarms are working and check them at least once every month

  3. Trim low-hanging branches away from the grilling location. Additionally, position the grill at least two feet away from decks, siding and any outdoor equipment that can catch fire quickly such as pools and playground sets.

  4. Always keep a portable fire extinguisher nearby. Read the instructions in advance as there will not be time do so in the event of an emergency.

  5. Devise a family escape plan and have it visible at all times.

  6. Have a security system installed that includes a 24-hour fire monitoring service that automatically dispatches the fire department if the smoke alarm is triggered.

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